Hello Catherine,

Thank you very much for your quick reply and agreeing to help me with my research.

Below are a few questions, that it would be great to get your opinion on and to discuss with you.

1.      How did you get into Digital Marketing and why?

I was sick of retail management and had an opportunity to jump on board something no one ever touched before…. Marketing ONLINE!  1998 was my start…Years and Years of working in basements in Seattle

2.      What topics would you like to see being spoke about at digital marketing conferences?

What is Digital Marketing? needs to be the biggest topic, and break that down as marketeers are worried about sales, in the digital world you need to worry abut your message, then in return you will gain followers and sales…

3.      What topics do you think people need to hear about in digital marketing?

How to build your content marketing strategy
How to write to the masses and not for your CEO
Do you LIKE me? or do you want to Follow me – whats the difference in being read vs liked, shared and engaged
Create a digital marketing funnel and watch it grow

4.      Do you feel there are any knowledge gaps within the industry at the moment?

YES!! Marketing is being pressured to be SALES< they need to MARKET, let sales do there part. Online (digital marketing is just that.. its NOT print, or main stream marketing, treat them with an open mind and be ready for change, stop thinking you can make a difference in digital, you need to gain a following before you can change them, so be liked give them what they want to build that creditability then allow you to modify there behaviors.

5.      In terms of speakers, who do you feel people like to hear from at digital marketing conferences?

I love veterans! We know it, we love it and we created it!! Bruce CLAY!!!!!

6.      Are there certain topics that are important in digital marketing but do not get enough coverage or exposure within digital marketing conferences?

Creating a PLAN, no one creates a PLAN, its more wing it, and do what we feel is best and not whats best for the masses or digital crowd… you might think its viral but really? ?

7.      What do you see as the key problems that marketers are facing in today’s digital world?

See #4

8.      What conferences do you feel are leading the way in digital marketing? ​

None, if you want to get drunk and say I met Matt Cutts they are for you, if you want to learn you MUST do, listen, test and drive your department. Read! Watch Seminars, Read ebook, TEST your strategies, your in this field use your gut and do it! Watch trends, keep up and just create a content marketing plan that will fit into your full digital plan… SEO, SEM, SMM!!! but flying somewhere tyo listen, when you can do watch from your office is better.. unless you like to schmooze

I really look forward to chatting with you in detail about digital marketing, your experience and subsequent knowledge will really help me form a good base of knowledge about the industry.