I may be a  woman owned business owner but I can play with the big guys!

Catherine Seven… a highly energetic, optimistic person that #hearts the world wide web! I love what I do, and do what I love!

About Catherine Seven - AKA C7

About C7:
Do you still consult with corporations or start-ups?  YES! That is how I started and this is where my passion is! I consulting with companies that want to take their online presences to the next level. I love taking an idea, or a dream and turn it into reality. I will create you an online marketing strategy that will fit your needs, your budget and get results that you want… (as long as your willing to listen)

I can provide insight to the complex world of search engine optimization. Many people ask, what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? How does digital marketing work? What is needed to get better rankings for my site? I work in combination of Google’s algorithmic methods, conversion tactics, user experience and my client’s to get you the results you are looking for!

Specialties: Online Marketing Consulting, Online Marketing Transitioning, Google Search Results, Google Maps, Local Optimization, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce Solutions, IT Companies, Y! Stores, Monster Commerce, WordPress, Non Profits, & Startups.


Founder of SEOwhat in January of 2004 as an internet marketing veteran, strives to provide customers with the highest level of expertise and industry knowledge. Consulting with clients and implementing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies,  Priding herself on staying current w/ the fast-changing world of e-commerce & digital marketing. From smaller online merchants to large enterprise organizations, I can provide the tools and resources to help clients communicate, market, and position their business online, streamlining profits and increasing market reach. Through customized search engine optimization to in depth site analysis, she provides clients sophisticated digital marketing strategies tailored to not only generate top digital exposure, such as search engine rankings, social media marketing, but increase sales and improve user experience.

Why I started SEOwhat.com, after many years of consulting companies on best practice SEO/SEM, Consulting many fortune 500 businesses taking them from print to the web. After doing this for many years I found many of my clients/companies are in need of a full service digital marketing, development and design firm that can do it all, and get results! >> So that’s what I did, and that is what I provided.


1994 - Catherine Moved To Seattle WA....

I got in my car on the search for who I wanted to be…

1995 - Had a Drive.....

I had a drive for Marketing so I started in retail sales, as we all know most Marketing Majors go into Sales, or Retail… (insert sad face here) no emoticons in 1995… But I wanted MORE!

1998 - C7 was born

Well.. My name at birth was Catherine Marie Winiarski…. and I bought Seven in 1998 so that’s where Catherine Seven aka C7 began her rock-star name journey!

1997 1999 - Started working for the pioneer of the internet....

Young & Excited to be a Marketing Manager for a ONLINE company IEG…. I worked front lines, with visionary engineers, and a eclectic group of people all working in a field that was not known and untouched… I worked & helped evolve Banner Exchanges, Exit Traffic Programs. Affiliate & Click Threw Programs… and so much more….. Starting Online Marketing techniques that are still being used today… This WAS a fun and exiting time!!

2000- 2002 Dot Com... BOOM!

I worked for many startups, I had a huge passion in online marketing and wanted to  bring drive to startups threw out Seattle, on what Online Marketing is, and how it WILL work for them! I brought my knowledge from working first hand in the fastest growing online industry and brought that to main stream…My knowledge in Search Marketing and Search Optimization was a untouched subject as brought stars to my eyes! I helped developed many main stream take a punch at making a presence online…

2001-2002 - Dot Com goes boom....

Need I say more….. Dot COM goes BOOM – So I took a break and worked here and there…

2004 Moved To Huntinton Beach, CA

On the road again… In search for passion driven companies in need for Internet Marketing and SEO…..

2004 - SEOwhat.com WAS BORN!!!!

Started my own consulting firm… “what do you do Catherine?, SEO? What is that?…” and so SEOwhat was born.. website was created in 2005… Creation Date: 01-dec-2005 per whois….


Opened first Office in Huntington Beach, CA

SEOwhat.com took Catherine Seven’s years of in house Internet Marketing and SEO Training and brought marketing to its fullest! “Take the WHAT out of SEO”

2009 - SEOwhat.com Moved to MN

SEOwhat.com moved back to where it all started…. Mankato MN, where the founder was born and raised….

2014 - C7 Got MARRIED!!!

That is right, Seven has come to an end… and Catherine Seven is now Catherine Franklin!!!

Started my own consulting firm… “what do you do Catherine?, SEO? What is that?…” and so SEOwhat was born.. site was created in 2005… Creation Date: 01-dec-2005 per whois….

And here we are today!

Still fulfilling my dream of doing what I love, and Love what i do, I have brought it back down a bit to be able to give my clients more of a hand on experience with my training and knowledge in digital marketing.